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Project Features Description
BinaryNumbers Source Code Web Service Interconverts decimal and binary numbers
CentralDogma Web Service Simulates the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology
Eigenvalues Calculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors to a 2x2 matrix.
GaussGraph Source Code Binary Download Web Service Converts Gaussian graphical data to CSV format
SecretSanta Telephony Integration Organise a Secret Santa for friends, family, or colleagues

Project Feature Icons

Source Code Source Code
Source code for this project is available, either via download or online
Binary Download Binary Download
A pre-compiled executable of this project is available for download, either from BWHazel Labs or an alternative site
Web Service Web Service
Some or all functionality of this project is exposed via a web service for use in third party applications
Telephony Integration Telephony Integration
Some or all functionality of this project can be used via SMS or voice via BWH Telephony

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