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As I have written on my main web site, software development is a big passion of mine! Where some people are linguists, I am a computer linguist! I like to explore and try out solutions to different problems and, if they prove successful, release them to the world!

Sometimes these explorations are not suitable for release on sites such as CodePlex or even Ideone. And that is the purpose of Labs: a site where I can post some of these programs, either as code downloads or as online tools, or both for some!

Using Labs and its aplications is completely free! You may share pages on social networks, or post links on your own site or in e-mails. However, there are a couple of points you should be aware of:

  • The majority of application in BWHazel Labs are beta software, therefore functionality and availability may change at any time.
  • Due to the beta status of many applications, there are likely to be bugs present.
  • All pages and application code on Labs are copyright, unless stated otherwise. For a list of external frameworks used to build the applications, please see the Technologies tab.
  • Some applications expose web services to allow integration into third party solutions, and these may be used freely. Please acknowledge BWHazel Labs when they are consumed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using BWHazel Labs and Sharing Content

Is using BWHazel Labs entirely free?

When running the site or application, could my computer be harmed?
It shouldn't do, as all site and application processing is performed on the server. Some applications may offer the ability to upload/download files, but these will only be text files for use in those applications.

Can I send and/or share links to BWHazel Labs?
Yes! I would be delighted!

When sharing, do I need to follow any specific guidelines on how to do it or what to write?
No, although if you claim you wrote the content/application, that clearly won't go down well!

Beta Software & Bugs

Will functionality and availability change radically when an application is in beta?
It is possible, but I hope to keep any disruption as small as possible.

What should I do if I find a bug?
Please tell me! Send an e-mail to labs<at> with details of the error message returned (if you received one), what selections and text you used when using the application, and any output.

Application Integration & Services

Can applications be controlled using HTTP GET and POST requests?
Not at present, although I am considering introducing this functionality. This would, however, be introduced on an application by application manner.

What protocol and computer languages are required to consume the web services?
The services use SOAP, and can be consumed by any language as long as SOAP support is available via libraries.

Are your questions not answered? Send an e-mail to labs<at> with your question!

The following software frameworks and technologies are in use on BWHazel Labs:

Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET
BWHazel Labs and all applications, including web pages

jQuery and jQuery UI
Dynamic user interfaces to web pages

Telephony integration, including SMS messaging.

0.42 (24/07/2012)

  • Project language replaced by feature icons on Projects page

0.41 (12/07/2012)

  • SMS integration implemeneted to contact BWHazel Labs

0.4 (08/07/2012)

  • Contact page added with e-mail submission form
  • Using Labs, with FAQs, and Technology information added to About page
  • Fail-safe added to home page in the event of a failure to retrieve Twitter feed
  • Background change to increase support for jQuery accordions
  • jQuery UI support implemented throughout site
  • Support for BWH Telephony service information labels

0.31 (01/06/2012)

  • Logo image added to site

0.3 (31/05/2012)

  • Home page design implemented including links to site pages and latest news (Twitter feed)
  • Copyright and site links added to footer of pages

0.21 (24/05/2012)

  • Background change to support jQuery UI accordions within tabs

0.2 (17/05/2012)

  • Moved jQuery to separate subdomain to reduce upload size and time
  • Introduced new nested master page structure
  • Introduced About page

0.1 (07/05/2012)

  • Initial release

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